Iziko Slave Lodge
Slavery in South Africa
  • Burgher: A free citizen of the Cape Colony
  • Colonialism – when a country of nation takes control of other lands, regions or territories outside of its borders and also exercies control of the people in thos lands, regions or territories.
  • Fiscal: The public prosecutor, an important officer in the Cape Colony before 1828 • Free Blacks: People of African or Asian origin who were not slaves. Freed slaves became freed blacks.
  • Kaffer: The term kaffer did not have the same meaning in the time of the Cape Colony as today. The term is of Arabic descent and originally referred to non-Muslims. This included pagan Africans. As the first slaves imported into Indonesia were African and served as the police force, slaves doing this type of work became known as kaffers amongst the Dutch and Portuguese. This term referred to the Fiscal’s and executioner’s assistants at the Cape. Today it is regarded as an extreme racist insult to call someone a kaffer.
  • Knecht: A white person who worked for burghers (citizens) and was often put in charge of slaves.
  • Landdrost: The most important official in the government of a district
  • Mandoor: A slave overseer who was put in charge of other slaves.
  • Manumission: The freeing of slaves by their owners.
  • Mulatto: A person of partially European descent, for example a person with a European father and slave mother.